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Types of Rescue Harnesses

Harnesses are essential components of all fall protection systems. Choosing the right harness for each situation will ensure that you remain safe and secure throughout your work at height mission. Rock-N-Rescue provides a wide range of rescue and safety harnesses to...

Prusik Loop Material Guide

The prusik loop guide has some basic criteria to follow for choosing the right size of cord to use when you are making prusik loops. Prusik Loop Material Guide RNR 8 mm Sewn Prusik Loops $12.75 – $13.75 Prusik loop material should be approximately 60% to...
What Carabiner is Right For You?

What Carabiner is Right For You?

With the number of carabiners on the market these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about picking the right one for your needs. Do you need an auto-locking carabiner or a non-locking carabiner? How much weight does your carabiner need to support? What shape...

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