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Types of Rescue Harnesses

Harnesses are essential components of all fall protection systems. Choosing the right harness for each situation will ensure that you remain safe and secure throughout your work at height mission. Rock-N-Rescue provides a wide range of rescue and safety harnesses to suit any scenario. Here is an overview of the most popular types of harnesses […]

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Prusik Loop Material Guide

Prusik loop material should be approximately 60% to 80% of the standing line diameter. If the hitch is too small, the hitch will be tight, making it difficult to free and then move the loop. If the diameter is too large, the hitch will not tighten up enough to grip and will slip. Flexibility is […]

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Mechanical Advantage Systems in Search and Rescue

Mechanical advantage is a critical component of modern-day search and rescue missions. This application embodies the idea of “work smarter, not harder.” Using a series of ropes, pulleys, anchors and carabiners, a single person can move a heavy load over great distances with little to no strain at all. Whether you are a firefighter, a […]

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What Carabiner is Right For You?

With the number of carabiners on the market these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about picking the right one for your needs. Do you need an auto-locking carabiner or a non-locking carabiner? How much weight does your carabiner need to support? What shape carabiner is right for you? All these questions play a vital […]

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Sterling FCX – The New Anti-Panic Descender

The new Sterling FCX is an advanced self-rescue device with superior descent modulation and over-pull protection that puts control in the firefighter’s hands. Sterling Rope, one of the leading manufacturer of life safety rope, cord, and hardware, makes it clear firefighters’ safety is a priority. This newest product is showcased in the form of a […]

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