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Firefighter Bailout Systems

We offer several varieties of firefighter bailout systems, including firefighter bailout rope and bags for easy storage. Our bags can also be custom embroidered so that you will always be able to pick up your gear fast, and not someone else’s by mistake.

A firefighter bailout system is only as good as its hooks and carabiners, and we have both. We offer Lightning GT hooks, Petzl Exo AP hooks, and Crosby hooks, along with rescue pulleys, anchor straps, and swivels. Our carabiners are auto locking so that you will have one less thing to think about while you are in the throes of an emergency. No more checking on carabiners in the dark or the smoke.

Our firefighter bailout rope comes in several choices. We have lightweight and durable nylon which is also our most affordable option. It was able to withstand 635 degree F temperature heat for up to 9 minutes. Every 50 feet of this rope weighs a mere 1.45 pounds.

We also have high heat Technora sheath nylon core rope in the FireTech and FireTech 2 varieties. Both are backed by years of research and development; the main difference is that FireTech 2 comes in a slightly lighter weight and a softer hand, both of which make it easier to use with the new FCX descent devices and the F4. Either variant can be purchased either with or without an attached anchor hook. FireTech weighs 2.8 pounds for every 50 feet of length, and FireTech2 weighs only 2.1 pounds per 50 feet of length.

We hope you never have to use this gear. But if you ever do, it won’t let you down.

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Some of our Firefighter Bailout Belts