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The Benefits of Using Speed Lines for Your Tree Service

Trees can present a variety of problems during the trimming or removal process, which is why there are so many different ways to get the job done. If you work for a company that offers tree removal or tree trimming services, safety and efficiency should be your top two concerns. 

Work-related injuries strip businesses of around $170 billion each year, which is why arborist safety should be your top concern. However, any small business owner also recognizes the importance of finishing jobs in a timely manner. 

Speed lines are incredibly useful tree cutting accessories because they are beneficial on both the safety and the efficiency front.  

Let’s take a closer look at why arborist speed lines are often needed for tree removal. 

Why Speed Lines are Useful   

Dropping a tree limb straight to the ground isn’t always possible; houses, trees, and other obstacles often present dangers that must be worked around. To avoid causing damage to these obstacles, speed lines should be used to efficiently move limbs and rounds from a tree to a safe drop zone. 

Arborist speed lines can also be used to quickly move limbs closer to your woodchipper, negating the need for workers to haul limbs that have dropped straight to the ground. Speed lines are easy enough to set up, and they frequently reduce the time and effort needed for completing a tree trimming or removal job. 

speed lines

How to Set Up a Speed Line for Tree Removal 

Arborist speed lines are fairly easy to set up. Start by anchoring a rope line to the tree you are working on, either at a friction break or some other point. The rope should also be anchored to the ground, ensuring your rope has the proper amount of tension. 

Next, properly secure your speed line to the branch you are cutting and clip it to the tension rope. Ideally, your speed line should allow for a fast connection while also greatly reducing the risk of accidental disconnects. The RNA Raider 26” Speedline Sling, for example, is a great choice. 

Once the speed line is secured properly, alert the rest of your crew and make your cut on the branch in question. Once the cut is made, the speed line will carry the limb to your designated drop zone for easy disposal. 

Taking Your Time Can Save You Time 

If your goal is efficiency, taking the time to set up a speed line may seem counterproductive. However, setting up a speed line is not very labor-intensive, and it will significantly cut down on your work as you remove limbs from the tree. 

Using a little bit of time to get your work site set up properly will go a long way. In addition to speeding up the tree trimming or removal process, speed lines are ideal for avoiding injuries on the job. Nothing ruins efficiency quicker than a workplace injury. 

If you work for or own a tree trimming and removal business, speed lines and other arborist supplies are essential to ensuring your work is completed safely and quickly. Trust Rock N Rescue’s wide selection of durable, proven, and useful speed line rigging to make your job easier than ever.