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DIY Firefighter Bailout Kit

Firefighter bailout kits give firefighters a way of escaping from the higher floors in a home or building in the case of an advancing fire. Before these kits were introduced, firefighters had no way to escape higher floors of buildings if their escape route was cut off by advancing fire or collapsing flooring. Traditional ropes […]

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Firefighter Bailout Systems

We offer several varieties of firefighter bailout systems, including firefighter bailout rope and bags for easy storage. Our bags can also be custom embroidered so that you will always be able to pick up your gear fast, and not someone else’s by mistake. A firefighter bailout system is only as good as its hooks and […]

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RNR Guide – How to Select a Firefighter Bailout Kit

A firefighter bailout kit is an important safety feature for firefighters and other rescue workers. This provides a fast and effective way to get out of a dangerous situation and get to a safer location. In this guide, we will explain how to select a bailout system to fit your needs. Basic Components of a […]

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