1″ Flat Woven Nylon Webbing


  • Brand: Rock-N-Rescue

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Product Description

Type 9800 webbing is a flat, woven nylon webbing that is abrasion resistant and offers a high tensile strength. The increased strength is often preferred in harsh or abrasive environments for anchor building, hauling or making harnesses. Because Type 9800 is woven solid opposed to a tubular webbing, it can be more difficult to handle.

Made in the U.S.A.
NOTE: All webbing is manufactured with up to 3 pieces per spool. We cannot guarantee any specific continuous lengths


Breaking Strength9,800 lbf. (43.5 kN)
Weight7.5 lbs. per spool - 0.7 oz. per foot
ColorsBlue, Red & Yellow


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