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Firefighter Rescue Belts


When it is time to bail out of a rescue situation, you want to be able to count on your rescue system. It can be all that is standing between you and death or serious injury. And the start of any rescue system is the belt.

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First and foremost, all escape belts need to be lightweight. You are already carrying around heavy equipment. Your belt should not add too much to that. Your belt, even though lightweight, also needs to be durable. Like all of your other firefighting equipment, it will have to be able to withstand a pounding, day in, day out.

A belt also has to be easy to use. You need to be able to get your carabiner attached to its ring (usually a D-ring or a V-ring) in the smoke and the dark, and without having to think about it. When seconds count, your belt should not hold you up in any way. And finally, your belt also has to be adaptable. Belts with a second attachment point can effectively double as ladder belts, thereby increasing their flexibility and usefulness.

Many of our firefighter rescue belts also come with harness bags for easy storage. We can embroider most harness or storage bags with your name or any other specific information so that you will always be able to distinguish your gear from everyone else’s.

We have belts which are as light as 9.5 ounces and will fit a waist of up to 32 inches (the RNR Last Chance Belt, Regular size) and others which will fit a waist of up to 64 inches and weigh 1.8 pounds (the Yates Kevlar Truck Escape Belt, X Large size).

Note: these belts are not meant for rappelling unless you have no other options and are under direct threat to your life.

Some of our Firefighter Rescue Belts

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