Teufelberger stands for a dynamic group of companies that are a global player with sites all over the world committed to quality, safety, and customer service.  Based in Wels, Austria since 1790 and operating locations in operates production facilities in six locations: two sites in Wels (Upper Austria; all products), and one each in St. Aegyd (Lower Austria; wire ropes), Veselí nad Lužnicí (Czech Republic, fiber ropes), Fall River (U.S., fiber ropes) and Thailand (Asia), Teufleberger has a long history of manufacturing rope and roping products and synthetic fibers for use in recreation, rescue, arborculture, marine, and other industries requiring rope work.

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  • Ocean Polyester 8mm Hip Prusik

  • Teufelberger Pulley Saver 2.5 m

  • Teufelberger Scrubba Rope Soap

  • Teufelberger Sirius Bull Rope

  • Teufelberger, Wire Core FlipLine with Locking Swivel

  • Teufelberger, Wire Core Flip Line with Locking Snap

  • Sale!

    Teufelberger Tachyon – Terminated 200′

    $214.99 $200.00
  • Teufelberger Dynaglide Throw Line

  • Teufelberger MultiSaver

  • Teufelberger TreeMotion S Light

  • Teufelberger Tree Motion

  • Teufelberger, Retriever Ball for 2-ring Friction Savers large


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