Sterling Ropes

Sterling Rope Company of Biddeford, Maine offers ropes, hardware, and gear to enable climbers to face even the most challenging conditions. They are recognized as the best in technology, engineering, and techniques for such diverse users as amateur climbers and cavers, firefighters, alpinists, rope access technicians, arborists, and tower maintenance workers.

Their products include ropes, webbing (both sewn and bulk), and cordage; such as lanyards and fliplines, sewn cord, accessory cords, high tenacity cords, and Prusik and hitch cords. They also provide hardware, such as carabiners and snaphooks, pulleys, and descent control and rigging. Sterling also offers kits and systems, such as for mechanical advantage, arbor, multi-use, fire search, tactical, and fire escape. The company’s many rope types include static, arbor, dynamic, tech, search & escape, tactical, and even water rescue.

The company continually tests its products in order to determine whether they can stand up to common field conditions, such as load bearing, abrasions, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and rough handling. They are entering their third decade in the business and are diversifying by making strategic investments into educational resources and product development. Sterling is particularly interested in customer feedback as they are continuously striving to improve their products.

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  • Sterling, RIT 8mm Ring Bound Loop Prusik 18″

  • Sterling, 28″ RIT 9mm Eye to Eye

  • Sterling, 8mm Eye to Eye Hitch Cord

  • Sterling 11.5 mm Scion Arbor Climbing Line

  • Sterling 9/16in Atlas Rigging Line

  • Sterling, Adjustable Retrievable Anchor

  • RNR, Poseidon Safe Tech Escape Rope

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
  • RNR Poseidon FireTech 2 Escape Rope

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

  • STERLING FCX W/Tech Extension Lanyard

  • STERLING F4 Escape Device

  • STERLING F4 Escape Device w/Tech Extension Lanyard

  • STERLING Lightning GT Hook

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • STERLING Lightning Hook

  • CROSBY Firefighter Anchor Hook

  • STERLING Tech Extension Lanyard

  • STERLING, Safe-D Aluminum Auto-Locking Aluminum 3-Stage Carabiner

  • STERLING, Safe-D Aluminum Auto-Locking Aluminum Carabiner

  • STERLING, 1/2″ Dyneema Slings

  • STERLING, Marathon 10.7 mm Lanyards

  • STERLING, Marathon Rescue 11.2 mm

  • STERLING, RIT 900 6.8 mm 100% Aramid Search Line

  • STERLING FDNY Configuration

  • STERLING, 7.5 mm SearchLite Search Line


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