Air Systems

Air Systems International is a manufacturer of air and breathing equipment for industrial, military, and emergency response application.  Their product line includes filtration systems, compressors, high pressure breathing air tanks, air cylinder carts, fire and rescue equipment ventilation, lighting and environmental control supplies.  They are an ISO 9000 manufacturer and holds patents in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Air Systems’ manufactured equipment is warrantied against defects in workmanship or materials.  Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, Air Systems International is an industry leader manufacturing breathing air filtration and confined space entry equipment for over 30 years.

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  • AIR SYSTEMS; Saddle Vent – Tank

  • AIR SYSTEMS, Saddle Vent – Manhole

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Contractor Grade Explosion Proof Ventilation Kit

  • AIR SYSTEMS Contractor Grade Explosion Proof AC Fan Only

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Contractor Grade Axial Fans

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Explosion Proof AC Standard Blower

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Axial Canister Fan with 15′ of Duct Installed

  • AIR SYSTEMS, Axial Fan

  • AIR SYSTEMS Duct Carrier

  • AIR SYSTEMS Ducting

  • AIR SYSTEMS; 90 Degree Elbow for Saddle Vent

  • AIR SYSTEMS Universal Vent Mount

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Explosion Proof AC Fan with 15′ of Duct

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Contractor Ventilation Kit

  • AIR SYSTEMS Contractor Grade Axial Fan AC With 15′ of Duct

  • AIR SYSTEMS Mack NFPA Manifolds

  • AIR SYSTEMS MP Series Air Cart Cover

  • AIR SYSTEMS Multi Pak Rescue

  • AIR SYSTEMS; Tech Rescue Cart


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