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Owner of Rock-N-Rescue Brand Acquires Omega Pacific Brand

Company Brands Now Include Rock-N-Rescue, Rock-N-Arbor, and Omega Pacific, Offering Valued Customers Even More Quality Rescue Gear and Climbing Equipment. OMEGA PACIFIC IS BACK! Rock-N-Rescue’s parent company, The Weinel Group has acquired the Omega Pacific brand and its associated trademarks. Omega Pacific was one of the original brands of rescue and climbing hardware. The Weinel […]

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certified arborist

5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Hire a Certified Arborist for Tree Work

The presence of trees in your garden or yard can be an asset in itself. But it’s not enough to just have trees. You need to take proper care of them and ensure that they remain healthy. However, pruning large trees can be dangerous work. This is where an arborist comes into the picture.   A […]

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planning before you cut

Planning Before You Cut

Workplace injuries never occur when a job is going according to plan, which is why planning is such an important aspect of arborist safety. Before getting started, you should always ensure you have enough employees for the job at hand, as well as the proper equipment and tools. That way, you’re prepared for any unexpected […]

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benefits of speed lines

The Benefits of Using Speed Lines for Your Tree Service

Dropping a tree limb straight to the ground isn’t always possible; houses, trees, and other obstacles often present dangers that must be worked around. To avoid causing damage to these obstacles, speed lines should be used to efficiently move limbs and rounds from a tree to a safe drop zone.

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become an arborist

How to Become an Arborist

When it comes to arborist safety, one of the best ways to reduce workplace injuries is to ensure each employee has the proper equipment and tools.

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safety tips

Arborist Safety Tips for Tree Work

When it comes to arborist safety, one of the best ways to reduce workplace injuries is to ensure each employee has the proper equipment and tools.

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Essential Swift Water Rescue Gear

When someone falls into a swift flowing body of water, the rescue effort must be rapid and immediate. This is why it is essential that anyone taking a trip down a river or other swift flowing stream is properly equipped so that the reaction is almost instantaneous. Having the right gear at the ready greatly […]

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DIY Firefighter Bailout Kit

Firefighter bailout kits give firefighters a way of escaping from the higher floors in a home or building in the case of an advancing fire. Before these kits were introduced, firefighters had no way to escape higher floors of buildings if their escape route was cut off by advancing fire or collapsing flooring. Traditional ropes […]

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Firefighter Bailout Systems

We offer several varieties of firefighter bailout systems, including firefighter bailout rope and bags for easy storage. Our bags can also be custom embroidered so that you will always be able to pick up your gear fast, and not someone else’s by mistake. A firefighter bailout system is only as good as its hooks and […]

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Carabiners and Screw Links

Your carabiners and screw links are an important component of your firefighting gear. We know that you want them to be able to take the kind of daily abuse that comes with firefighting. We have got you covered. Our carabiners come in several varieties, including non-locking, auto locking, triple locking, and screw gate locking. We […]

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