Teufelberger, Wire Core FlipLine with Locking Swivel


  • Brand: Teufelberger

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Product Description

The Wire Core Flip Lines from Teufelberger are lanyards provided with a steel wire core. Available in 1/2 in. diameter, our fliplines feature a Hi-Vee cover tightly braided over a steel wire core. The diameter and construction of the flipline allow using this rope product in combination with most types of ascenders and mechanic adjusters. The Wire Core Flip Lines from TEUFELBERGER are certified to EN and ANSI and are available in different lengths and versions. NOTE: The Wire Core Flip Line is unsuited for use in the vicinity of electrical lines!

  • Length: 12 feet (3.6 M) or 14 feet (4.2 M)
  • Weight: 12 ft. = 3 lbs - 14 ft. = 3.45 lbs
  • Diameter: 1/2 in.
  • MBS: 4,950 lbs. (22 kN)


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