Teufelberger 1/2″ KMIII Silver


  • Brand: Rock-N-Rescue

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Product Description

KM-III is an exceptional static rope for rappelling, caving, rescue, top roping, fixed rope applications, hauling, and life safety applications – a true jack-of-all-trades.

The polyester cover of KM-III is balanced with a polyamide core to limit rotation, bouncing, and stretch. Our KM-III is NFPA and CE certified.  Thirty-two bobbins produce the right cover for the unique demands required of this static rope and the optimum cover/core ratio. This creates an incredibly smooth cover, higher tensile strengths, and superior handling characteristics.

Our static KM-III excels with:

  • 32-strand cover for optimum cover/core ratio
  • polyester over polyamide with a balanced, torque free construction
  • excellent handling and knot holding characteristics
  • high abrasion resistance
  • excellent UV protection
Diameter (mm) MBS Rating (kN)
12.5 45.0
Weight (lb/100') Elongation at 300 lb (%)
7.4 2.5
MBS Rating (lb)


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