Sterling, Adjustable Retrievable Anchor


  • Brand: Sterling
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Product Description

The A/R Anchor is an Adjustable and Retrievable friction saver for working in the trees. The Ring Sling has a large ring sewn onto one end and a RIT RING Bound Loop Prusik is attached to it. When working with a limb overhead you can adjust your height quickly by moving the RIT RING Bound Loop Prusik along the Ring Sling. Once on the ground you can knot one end of your rope and it will run through the large ring, catching the small ring and pull the entire system down to you. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Sling made of 7/16" HTP rope with an 8 mm Aramid Rit 500 sewn prusik
  • MBS: 5,418 lbs.(24.1 kN)
  • SWL: 541 lbs
  • Certification: ANSI Z133.1
  • Weight: 12 oz.


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