Sterling 11.5 mm Scion Arbor Climbing Line


  • Brand: Sterling

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Product Description

Our newest, fully certified addition to the climbing line roster, the Scion Climbing Line’s burly construction and ability to absorb dynamic forces makes this rope ideal for Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) and Single Rope Technique (SRT). Based off the construction of the popular Tendril, the 11.5 mm Scion has a polyester 24-strand cover and double-braided construction, engineered to have decreased elongation, soft handling and easy knotability.This rope has a tight, durable sheath that can handle mechanical devices and hardware. The Scion is hand spliceable and available with sewn terminations. Meets EN 1891 type A and ANSI Z133 requirements.

  • Material: Nylon/Polyester
  • Diameter: 11.5 mm
  • MBS: 5,510 lbf. (24.5 kN)
  • Hand-Spliceable


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