R-N-R, Trident Series 3/8″ Ultraline Deluxe Throw Bag – Various Lengths Sale


  • Brand: Rock-N-Rescue

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Product Description

Rock-N-Rescue Trident Series 3/8″ Ultraline Water Rescue Throw Bags are used anywhere the potential for a water-related emergency exists, such as swimming pools, white water rafting, boating or any related sport. Throw bags are a superior alternative to heaving lines and ring buoys as bags can be thrown further and with greater accuracy. Our bags do the job better, quicker and more efficiently. 3/8″ Ultraline integrates a high strength, braided Spectra core with a polypropylene sheath for superior strength over standard float ropes. Maintains trouble-free handling characteristics and buoyancy These bags are made with various non-standard lengths of rope and are a great deal if you are not very concerned with how much rope is in the bag. Retail prices would range from $62.94 per bag to $87.08 per bag. Sale prices range from $29.10 per bag to $34.70 per bag so take advantage of this deal while prices last. That’s over 1/2 off retail price. Options for rope length range from 36 feet up to 42 feet. All bags include various lengths of 3/8″ ultraline water rescue rope, a storage bag and a flotation disk. The dropdown menu to the right gives the length of rope available in each bag along with the cost of the bag.

  • Diameter - 3/8 in.
  • MBS - 5,237 lbf. (23.3 kN)
  • Safe Working Load (10 to 1) - 523 lbs.
  • Elongation at 300 lbs. (%) - 1.2 %
  • Weight per 100' - 2.6 lbs.


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