OMEGA PACIFIC, Tephra Trapwire NFPA Quik-Lok


  • Brand: Omega Pacific
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Product Description

By combining innovation and functionality into our exclusive TrapWire technology, the Tephra carabiner is safer, stronger, and noticeably lighter than other belay carabiners. The TrapWire “keeper” at the bottom of the carabiner helps maintain proper orientation while belaying and it serves as the main spring of the carabiner. We eliminated the traditional lever/pusher and internal spring inside the gate which translates into a lighter product with fewer parts, improved reliability, and a stronger hinge. NFPA1983 T Certified. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Gate Opening: 0.90"
  •  Major Axis Strength: 6,069 lbf. (27 kN)
  •  Gate Open Strength: 2,248 lbf. (10 kN)
  •  Minor Axis Strength: 1,798 lbf. (8 kN)
  •  Length: 4.41"
  •  Width: 3.11"
  •  Weight: 2.15 oz.


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