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New England 11 mm Patron Static Rope – Black

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  • Brand: New England Ropes

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Product Description

The Patron ropes are static ropes certified to EN1891A. Their strong points are low weight and high breaking strength. It is low weight and high breaking strength that give the static ropes of our Patron series their exceptional appeal. Our Patron range ropes are certified to EN 1891A for 11 mm ropes, respectively. Due to the high strength and low tearing risk of Patron ropes, they are the right choice for different applications. The twisted 32-strand braided cover provides high dirt resistance, better grip, and high abrasion protection.

Our Patron features:

  • high-grade polyamide
  • twisted cores
  • very low weight and high minimum breaking load
  • wisted 32-strand braided cover for high dirt resistance, good grip, and high abrasion protection
  • high strength


  • The 11.0 mm Patron is EN 353-2-certified for use with PETZL ASAP (B71 + B71AAA) and ASAP Lock (B71 ALU)
  • The 11.0 mm version is also EN 341 A-certified for use with Anthron DSDplus
  • Diameter (in.) - 7/16"
  • Diameter (mm) - 11 mm
  • Weight (per 100') - 5.1 lbs.
  • MBS. - 7,425 lbf. (33 kN)
  • Elongation - 3% @ 110-330 lbs.


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