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A Stokes Basket for Quick and Efficient Rescues

One of the most vital parts of a rescue operation should be the stretcher. With the Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers, you can quickly and easily get the wounded to safety without compromising medical care. Because time can often be of the essence when it comes to serious injuries and difficult and dangerous rescue operations, you always want an easy to use and secure stretcher, and the Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers can be just the thing. It is particularly ideal for unusually rugged rescue situations such as mining, industrial, or construction rescues. This lightweight stretcher really delivers.

The Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers (which many rescue professionals feel just get in the way) have a metal frame which can be used to support the patient’s weight. Even if the plastic cracks or melts or otherwise becomes unusable during the rescue operation, the strong steel framework will still safely and securely hold the patient. Safety professionals particularly love it for vertical rope work as well as for a slope evacuation because the Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers can slide well.

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Note: always use a proper lashing system to secure the patient. Always pay close attention to load capacities and do not overload stretchers as patient safety is paramount.

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Stokes Basket Design and Fit

The Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers can be bought either by itself or with accessories such as a patient packing system, a litter bridal with G-First screw locking carabiners, or a stretcher bag. This Stokes basket has been designed to fit most 16″ x 72″ (40.64 cm x 182.88 cm) backboards. It has nylon web straps at the chest, the abdomen, the thigh, and the calf. The frame consists of 5/8″ (1.5875 cm) steel tubing. And the cross braces and runners are composed of 3/16″ x 3/4″ (0.47625 cm x 1.905 cm) flat steel. The basket consists of 18 gauge (0.04 inches or 1.02 mm), powder coated mesh wire, composed of one inch (2.54 cm) hexagon mesh netting. The Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers also includes adjustable footrests which can assist with vertical lifting. The Junkin Stokes without Leg Dividers has been proudly made in the United States by Junkin Safety of Louisville, Kentucky.

The Litter Bridle accessory works as a fully adjustable Stokes bridle which can be used with any type of litter. The Litter Bridal can be used for both horizontal and vertical rigging, and low and high angle evacuations. This one versatile and easy to use harness can do it all, and it even eliminates the need for separate styles of harnesses. The Litter Bridal’s two piece design reduces congestion at the upper attachment carabiner. Made of 9,000 pound (4082.331 kilograms)-rated webbing. Plus the hardware has been rated at 5,000 pounds (2267.962 kilograms).

The G-First screw locking carabiners (they come with the Litter Bridal accessory) are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and they weigh in at only 4.6 ounces (130.4 grams). These carabiners are the lightest ones ever to meet the requirements for General Use as in accordance with the current NFPA 1983 standards. Plus the G-First has a screw lock gate and a Keylock Nose. This advanced setup marries the frame of the carabiner and the gate while at the same time avoiding the traditional notch and pin configuration, as that configuration can sometimes interfere with ropes, slings, and other equipment. These carabiners have been UL Certified to current NFPA standards.


  • Dimensions: Length 81-3/4 " Height 8 " Width (at widest point) 22-1/2"
  • Weight 31 lbs.


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