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Product Description

Tenex Tec Slings are made from 12-strand polyester Tenex rope and are designed for knotless rigging. Tenex-TEC is a high-strength, low-stretch rope specifically designed with two ends per carrier. This construction allows more rope surface conformance to objects being lifted than standard single braid constructions. One eye is fixed and the other is adjustable, with one end of the spliced rope passing through the center of the hollow core. When weight is applied to the sling, the outer core tightens on the rope. The slings allow the user to quickly set hardware without tying knots! Each sling has a fixed eye and an adjustable eye. Set the choker and shorten the eye to adjust length. This sling is often used to attach blocks or Port-a-Wraps to the tree, because the adjustability minimizes slack in the system. Professionally hand-spliced from Samson Tenex 12-strand polyester.

  • Weight - 6.55 lbs.
  • MBS - 20,000 lbf. (88.9 kN)
  • Length - Adjustable 4' - 16'


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