Camp Safety, 12 mm Semi-Circular Aluminum Screw Link


  • Brand: Camp Safety
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Product Description

Aluminum alloy D shaped (semi-circular)quick link with a stainless steel screw gate closure. The wide, rounded shape of the body is ideal for bridging the connection between “A/2” double sternal attachment points on some full body harnesses. Guaranteed strength of 15 kN when pulled in any direction. Constructed from 12 mm rod. Requires 17 mm open-end wrench to lock or open.

  • Weight: 4.4 oz.
  • MBS: (Long Axis) 6,294 lbf. (28 kN) (Short Axis) 3,596 lbf. (16 kN)
  • Gate Opening: 0.55 in.
  • Certifications: EN 362 & EN 12275


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