3/4″ Dead Eye Slings


  • Brand: Rock-N-Rescue

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Product Description

Dead-eye slings are a more traditional sling compared to Whoopie Slings and Loopie Slings. They are used for tying off Port-A-Wraps or for hanging Rigging Blocksin trees…either way, they are used for rigging. That means the rope needs to be tough and the splice needs to be dependable. This composite double braid dead eye sling is comprised of a polyester cover over nylon core for higher tensile strength and better shock load performance. Urethane coated for abrasion resistance. These slings have a 6” eye on one end with a chafe guard (as shown). Our dead-eye slings are made from a premium double braid rigging line made from polyester and nylon right here in the U.S.A. All eyes are buffered with a chafe sleeve while the other end is cut clean then sealed. This tough rope can take a shock load (but you should always avoid shock loads, whenever possible). Urethane coated for maximum abrasion protection. Choose from two popular rope lengths.
  • Lengths - 15 ft. and 20 ft.
  • MBS - 25,000 lbf. (111.2 kN)
  • Weight - 
    • 15 ft. - 3.13 lbs
    • 20 ft. - 4.15 lbs


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