New England Rope

New England Ropes, Corp. is the leading manufacturer of quality rope products.  Since 1967, they have been offering the best in materials and design.  New England Ropes can withstand the harshest conditions.  Great handling, high performance, and extended lifespan are key points of focus for innovating premium quality ropes for every purpose.  New England Ropes is a Teufelberger brand, a global player with sites all over the world committed to quality, safety, and customer service.

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  • Sale!

    New England 1/2″ KMIII Safety Rope – Short Sale

  • Sale!

    New England 7/16″ KMIII Safety Rope – Short Sale

    $192.00 $150.00
  • New England KNIII Orange Safety Rope

    New England KMIII Safety Rope

  • NEW ENGLAND, 7mm Prusik Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 8mm Accessory Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 7mm Accessory Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 6mm Accessory Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 5mm Accessory Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 4mm Accessory Cord

  • NEW ENGLAND, 3mm Accessory Cord


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