CMC Rescue

In 1978, CMC recognized the need for climbing and caving equipment made specifically for the needs of rescue and emergency professionals.  It’s product line now exceeds 800 items including equipment for patient care and transportation, rescue operations, anchors, webs, rope, and personal gear.  In addition, or their climbing equipment, CMC rescue carries supplies for air operations, swift water rescue, tactical, and confined space disciplines.  In all its operations and production, they adhere to their Quality Policy “Earn the trust and loyalty of work at height and rescue professionals by providing life safety products and services of uncompromised quality through innovative product design and testing, development of well trained staff, and continual process improvement.”  In addition to its rescue and work-at-height supplies, CMC Rescue offers training across the United States and with how-to videos online on its products and rescue techniques.   The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on its products from defects in materials and workmanship.

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