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Category: Rescue Gear Highlights

  • Essential Swift Water Rescue Gear

    Essential Swift Water Rescue Gear

    When someone falls into a swift flowing body of water, the rescue effort must be rapid and immediate. This is why it is essential that anyone taking a trip down a river or other swift flowing stream is properly equipped so that the reaction is almost instantaneous. Having the right gear at the ready greatly…

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  • Firefighter Rescue Belts

    Firefighter Rescue Belts

    When it is time to bail out of a rescue situation, you want to be able to count on your rescue system. It can be all that is standing between you and death or serious injury. And the start of any rescue system is the belt. First and foremost, all escape belts need to be…

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  • Which Patient Tie-In System is Right For You?

    Which Patient Tie-In System is Right For You?

    A COMPARATIVE CONTRAST OF RESCUE LITTER PATIENT TIE-IN SYSTEMS Dana Jordan is the President and owner of Cascade Rescue Company since 1999. He was a member of the Alpental Ski Patrol, Schweitzer Ski Patrol and several SAR teams in the Pacific NW and has been a contributor to several trade and technical rescue publications and…

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  • Sterling FCX – The New Anti-Panic Descender

    Sterling FCX – The New Anti-Panic Descender

    The new Sterling FCX is an advanced self-rescue device with superior descent modulation and over-pull protection that puts control in the firefighter’s hands. Sterling Rope, one of the leading manufacturer of life safety rope, cord, and hardware, makes it clear firefighters’ safety is a priority. This newest product is showcased in the form of a…

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