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Carabiners and Screw Links


Your carabiners and screw links are an important component of your firefighting gear. We know that you want them to be able to take the kind of daily abuse that comes with firefighting. We have got you covered.

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Our carabiners come in several varieties, including non-locking, auto locking, triple locking, and screw gate locking. We also have stainless steel and the lighter weight aluminum options. In addition, carabiners come in oval and the more traditional ‘D’ style. These variations allow for you to customize your carabiner to meet your needs in the best possible way, whether it is for rappelling or pulley work or anything else you need.

Our carabiners also come in a variety of colors, making it a lot easier to tell yours apart from anyone else’s. Plus many of them are rated to thousands of pounds force (which converts to tens of thousands of newtons).

Our screw links work well for more permanent rappelling and pulley work situations where a carabiner would not work. They are also great for effectively bridging the gaps in the double sternal attachment points on some full body harnesses. We have varieties for setting up anchors and rigging, fixing draws, and for both work an*d industrial purposes. They are made of stainless or galvanized steel or regular or zicral aluminum.

And they come in shapes such as the familiar ‘D’ but also oval, pear-shaped, and the semi-circular and triangular delta styles usually meant for three way loading. Sizes are mainly 10 and 12 millimeters (.393 to .472 inches) in diameter although some come in sizes as small as 3 millimeters (.118 inches) or as large as 16 millimeters (.630 inches). Weights vary, with the 10 and 12 millimeter varieties generally weighing between 4 and 4 and one half ounces.

We also have carabiner tool holders and transporters so that you need never lose a carabiner again.

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