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Black Friday Sale/Holiday ScheduleBlack Friday Sale/Holiday Schedule
Get 10% off most online items when placing a website order between now and 12:00 PM, Sunday November 29th. Qualifying orders over $100.00 will also receive free shipping during the sale. Discount will be applied after we have received the order. Sale items exclude all items from PMI, SMC, Air Systems, Oceanid, Cascade, Traverse Rescue and all sale/clearance items.
We will be closed on November 26th thru November 30th for the holiday. Orders can be placed on the website during the holiday break but will not ship until Monday, November 30th
Announcing the new Rock-N-Rescue Poseidon G-First Carabiners!

Announcing the new Rock-N-Rescue Poseidon G-First Carabiners!

Rock-N-Rescue is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Omega Pacific to bring you the best aluminum carabiners available on the market. Omega Pacific is the leading US manufacturer of carabiners with unmatched quality and extremely reasonable pricing. Together with Omega Pacific we bring over 50 years of knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best products to get the job done.
From now until November 30th, 2015 you will receive 15% off on the G-First line of carabiners when you purchase them. No promo codes or hoops to jump through. All you have to do is buy them!

Free Ground Shipping
We now offer free ground shipping on website orders totaling more than $100.00 to all locations in the continental U.S. This only applies to web orders. (Does not include motor freight shipping on stretchers, Air Systems products and sale items. If your order qualifies for free shipping, shipping will be deducted after the order is placed.

NEW!! R-N-R Carabiners
NEW!! R-N-R Hercules Camming Pulley
NEW!! R-N-R Spartacus Rescue/Safety Helmet
NEW!! New England KMIII Safety Rope
NEW!! Water Rescue Throw Bags
NEW !! Rock-N-Rescue Patriot Full Body Harness
NEW!! R-N-R 8mm Sewn Prusiks
NEW!! R-N-R Alpha Super Duty Slings
NEW !! R-N-R Rope Master Gloves

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R-N-R, Rescue Figure 8 With Ears

R-N-R, Rescue Figure 8 With Ears

Rock Exotica, Omni Block 2.6 Single

Rock Exotica, Omni Block 2.6 Single

NEW ENGLAND, 1/2" KMIII Safety Rope


Rock Exotica, 2.0" Double PMP

Rock Exotica, 2.0

STERLING, Bolt Escape Belt

STERLING, Bolt Escape Belt
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